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Portsmouth exhibition celebrates Royal Navy’s role in ocean exploration

The Observer 17 Sep 2023
The exhibition includes modern-day equipment for ocean exploration such as this long-range autosub ... “[The scientists on board] did a lot of stuff, including identifying 4,700 new species unknown to science from the deep ocean. They also collected data on water columns – the different levels of ocean.

Deep sea mining 'great opportunity' for Cook Islands - exploration company

RNZ 20 Sep 2023
Deep-sea mining companies in the Cook Islands have been exploring the country's ocean to see if they can extract potato-sized nodules packed full of minerals kilometres deep ... The license allows the companies to explore the deep sea in the country's exclusive-economic zone (EEZ) ... "What we have found is extensive abundance of these nodules," Smit said.

A New "Gold Rush" Is Brewing – And Potential Disaster Looms

IFL Science 15 Aug 2023
Along parts of the sea floor at depths of 4,000 to 6,000 meters (13,123 to 19,685 feet), you can find fields filled with polymetallic nodules, sometimes referred to as deep-sea potatoes, which are loaded with many of the rare metals needed for batteries like cobalt, copper, manganese, and nickel.

Mineral-rich nodules and the battle over mining the deep sea

Phys Dot Org 27 Jul 2023
They might look like pebbles strewn across the seafloor, but to the unique animals of the ocean deep, polymetallic nodules are a crucial habitat ... Weller said the unique composition of the nodules which attracts mining firms is also what makes them such a special habitat for the creatures that live in the ocean depths.

Manganese ocean ‘potatos’ are highly radioactive

Interesting Engineering 25 Jul 2023
Manganese nodules are found in the deep ocean.These could be an important source of valuable and relatively scarce metals ... Manganese nodules, also known as polymetallic nodules, can be found in all of Earth’s oceans.

Rare metals found on seabeds could be key to green technology, but mining them could ...

Business Insider 22 Jul 2023
On the ocean floor, there are small rocks known as polymetallic nodules.A view of a collection of polymetallic nodules on the ocean floor ... A few species use nodules to anchor themselves to the ocean floor and will lose their habitat and life without them.A deep sea creature attached to a nodule on the sea floor.

Letters to the editor

Economist 20 Jul 2023
Letters are welcome via e-mail to\nProtecting the sea floor\nYou support deep-sea mining as a means of easing the shortage of battery metals (“Give nodules the nod”, July 8th) ... The Economist should be commended for its bravery in coming out in support of collecting deep-sea metal nodules.

Canada backs moratorium on deep sea mining, opposing Vancouver company's plans

Castanet 11 Jul 2023
Polymetallic nodules collected by The Metals Company during a deep sea trial in the Pacific Ocean in November 2022 ... The company is looking to mine the deep sea with robotic vehicles that suck up the nodules off the ocean floor in a process they say will be less damaging than land-based mining.

The biggest gold rush in history is about to start in the deep sea – leaving devastation in its wake

The Observer 07 Jul 2023
But Unclos declared that the deep sea outside the EEZs, known as “the Area”, covering 54% of the world’s oceans, was “” ... Massive machines will scour the ocean bed to pick up polymetallic nodules, destroying everything in their path and creating sediment plumes that can suffocate coral reefs and other organisms hundreds of miles from the mining site.

A deep sea mining zone in the remote Pacific is also a goldmine of unique species

Popular Science 25 May 2023
Over 5,000 species could be at risk if deep sea mining begins in the Pacific Ocean's Clarion-Clipperton Zone ... Industrial mining of the deep ends of the ocean for valuable minerals is becoming more of a possibility as companies search for new sources of needed minerals, such as cobalt and lithium.

Kiren Rijiju takes charge of earth sciences ministry

Live Mint 19 May 2023
He emphasized his priority to execute the Deep Ocean Mission, a flagship initiative of the prime minister aimed at exploring polymetallic nodules containing valuable minerals.

\u2018Reshuffle part of PM\u2019s vision\u2019: Kiren Rijiju joins new ministry

Indian Express 19 May 2023
If there is a statement against me from an Opposition party \u2013 there is nothing new in that.\u201d Rijiju on Friday said that his priority will be to execute the Deep Ocean Mission, a flagship scheme of the Prime Minister for exploration of polymetallic nodules containing rich minerals.

Researchers demonstrate high natural radioactivity of manganese nodules

Phys Dot Org 17 May 2023
Manganese nodules at the bottom of the deep sea contain a wealth of valuable metals that are vital to the electronics and steelmaking industries ... Particularly large quantities of manganese nodules can be found in the deep ocean of the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the North Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii.

Manganese Tubers Are Precious Deep-Sea Potatoes That Battery Makers Lust After

IFL Science 10 Apr 2023
Polymetallic nodules were first discovered on the seabed during the 1872–1876 voyage of the HMS Challenger to study the deep ocean ... them with near-zero solid waste, no tailings or deforestation, and with careful attention not to harm the integrity of the deep-ocean ecosystem.”.

Crucial date looms for deep-sea mining in the Pacific, but is the world ready?

RNZ 07 Apr 2023
As a crucial deadline looms for a new frontier of mining in the deep Pacific Ocean, Pacific Islanders are worried the controversial practice could go ahead before proper regulations are in place ... Deep-sea mining uses heavy machinery to harvest rock nodules from the ocean floor that contain cobalt, manganese, and other rare metal used in batteries.

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